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Week 34 2022

Updated: May 29, 2022

The Show, Thank you, Reminders, Schedule for the last week!

Hello TCS Families!


Just WOW.

If you missed the show last night, beg Dr. Nicole to share the video she took- it was AMAZING!!!

The students worked very hard, and the event was really impressive! We have so many talented students! This was the BEST show yet! I think what is most remarkable about our music program is how organically and student led it is! Ms. Viena and Mr. Dean balance the impossible task of letting students follow their interests, while keeping them on track and willing to practice.

I am so very impressed with both of you!

What few people know is how many late nights, weekend planning sessions, and extra work hours that go into pulling off a show like that! THANK YOU MS. VIENA and MR DEAN!!!!

I want to thank the PTO for all their hard work getting donations for our raffle and for the silent auction! The women of the PTO, canvased downtown and spread the word about our great school. Their commitment and love is making a Student Activities Fund a reality! The raffle and silent auction was very professional! It's awesome what the moms of the PTO were able to set up! If you would like to help, please contact any of the current members of the PTO (Sara, Trisha, or Virginia) or let me know and I'll share your contact info- like Ms. Viena said last night, TCS has become a village, and a village needs lots of folks helping to make it run smoothly! THANK YOU SARA, TRISHA, AND VIRGINIA!

I want to thank the parents and anyone else who donated yummies, prizes, and more! Thank YOU!

I want to thank Ms. Nancy, for LITERALLY making lemonade out of lemons!!! (I drank it? Did you?) You're the best Ms. Nancy!!

I want to thank Dr. Nicole for filming the entire show!! (CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THAT!!!)

I want to thank Ms. Hannah for her artistic guidance with the curtains. They are BEAUTIFUL!

I want to thank Ms. Jasmine and Mr. Henry for helping to add new dimensions to the show with poetry and recitations. XOXO!

I want to thank all the parents I saw who drove all the way from Bluffton (after having just been on this side of town for pick up at 3!!!) That's the kind of commitment and dedication that fills my heart! I want to thank ALL the parents who attended, brought friends, brought family, and supported our rockstars! This was the most well attended TCS show to date!

I want to thank all the alumnae I saw at the event!!! Woot woot!

Lastly, I want to thank an unsung hero. When he learned that we would be charged extra for delivery, he hooked up a trailer and picked up all the rental chairs- didn't even ask, just made it happen. Likewise, he quietly came back, packed up 100 chairs, and returned them. When he saw a need for a banner, he used one of the pictures all the middle school students made together as the template for a banner, purchased it, and then made posts to hang it from. When Ms. Viena cleaned off and unpacked all our strings of lights from last year, he built a stand to hang them from. He came to TCS, after working all day, and toiled late into the evening setting it up. This man has been a TCS supporter ever since I woke up one morning eager to tell my (then only) teacher- Ms. Viena- about an idea I had for a curriculum that would give ANY type of learner a chance at success while pushing those ready to be pushed. He has let me sit at his table, while my son tears up his home, brainstorming through the details with Viena. He continues to touch my heart with his thankless commitment to "our village."

Thank YOU Jacob Paris.

By the way- please take a minute and read the latest (and last for the school year) issue of TCS Life. It is attached. Please remember that this publication is written by a handful of Middle Schoolers! It's AMAZING! I'm so proud of them!

Download PDF • 22.55MB

I'm fairly certain I forgot to attach pics from Prom 2022- some of those, and more from this week are attached below.

Week 34 2022
Download DOCX • 7.02MB

Things to Remember:

1) Sports Banquet is Wednesday June 1st at 6pm at Moss and Hatchet. Please RSVP.

2) Graduation is June 4th at 10 am

Schedule for the last week:

Monday: Closed for Memorial Day.

Tuesday: All classes will meet. LAST day to turn in outstanding work!

Wednesday: Field Day!!!! We will also pass out yearbooks- If you haven't bought one, please do so- if you signed up for one, and still owe, please send in $50.

Thursday: Student attendance will not be mandatory. This will be a community clean up day! We have graduation to prepare for on Saturday morning, and there are lots of well-worn areas on campus that need some TLC to be ready for graduation. Many hands make light work, so please send all students who see the value in being helpful members of our community. I will want to spend my energy returning order to all the nooks and crannies that have grown into chaos, I will not want to spend my energy convincing students that taking pride and ownership in their surroundings is best demonstrated through ACTION.

Want to donate to the student activities fund? Click here!

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