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The Philosophy

of The Complete Student

We know that every child learns differently, and education needs to be malleable enough to fit the needs of each child. We believe in a truly inclusive classroom and build our curriculum around the whole child. Unlike traditional classroom settings or educational institutions, our curriculum is malleable enough to fit the needs of all types of learners. 


We believe that all children can learn, and when educators pair students with an appropriate curriculum for their strengths, skills and abilities, they can soar. We work to understand each student’s internal motivation and efficacy. All students learn to collaborate and identify their particular skill sets. 


"Being taught how to learn and think gives life skills that will never expire." 

— Class of 2023 Parent

In the Press




The Complete Student building has eight classrooms, including a music studio, a dedicated arts room, and ample outdoor space used for vegetable gardening, laboratory experiments, music recitals, yoga, and more for student performances and experiential learning. 


During the summer of 2022, a hydroponic "Container Farm" is being added to our campus for student enrichment and community outreach.

Our Curriculum


Instead of endless testing, we believe in limitless and creative learning in all directions. Our classrooms provide students a forum to demonstrate mastery by building, singing, creating, or filming rather than using conventional tools like multiple choice tests and rote memorization. 


Although the curriculum follows a traditional course roadmap that includes math, history, language, arts, and science subjects, our day-to-day classroom environment is different. Our classes are small, averaging 10 students. 


Our curriculum is based on the guiding influences of Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. Using this context, student project lists corresponding to each lesson draw on skills from various disciplines and highlight multiple forms of intelligence. Students select from projects, including student-created ones, to demonstrate mastery and that align with each student’s ability, interest, motivation, and aspirations. 


This approach makes material more inclusive and encourages interdisciplinary academic integration in an organic and meaningful way, giving students ownership over their assignments. Most projects require collaboration among students, which is a fundamental skill that future employers are seeking in graduates.


Our curriculum creates meaningful instruction by pairing collaborative and pragmatic experiential learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Each year, our school travels to a city of historical significance, such as Washington, D.C. or Philadelphia, where students visit museums and cultural centers as well as the buildings and historical sites they learned about in their classes. Annually, students also travel to Nantahala Outdoor Center in Nantahala River, North Carolina where they participate in white water rafting, ropes courses and outdoor survival activities. These field trips build confidence and collaboration and allow students to put in motion their new proficiencies.

Our Programs


Middle School 

The Middle School offers 5th-8th grade students the opportunity to learn in a small class environment while staying on track with the state standards. Students are in a multi-age group so they can practice leading, following, and working through academic challenges. The Complete Student Middle School prepares students for the rigors of high school by building on their strengths and supporting them in challenging academic areas.

High School

The Complete Student tailors programs to meet a variety of goals and to provide students with a better sense of time management, more self discipline, a better developed sense of empathy, and more motivation. Some students aim for elite colleges, while other students seek experiences and set goals outside of traditional four-year universities. 


The Honors Program allows students to enroll in classes that help ensure student transcripts are competitive against graduates from other schools. The Honors Program is appropriate for students who are driven to apply to four year universities and have made a commitment to their future that includes colleges or universities.


All students have the potential to fulfill the requirements for graduation from high school when they are appropriately supported and engaged in a malleable curriculum that is differentiated for a variety of learning styles. The Complete Student uses a project-based curriculum based on the South Carolina standards set forth by the Department of Education to satisfy all state high school graduation requirements. The unique nature of the curriculum increases student understanding, motivation, employability, and accountability. 


School Hours

Regular Classes

Monday–Thursday 8:30 am–3:00 pm

Optional Classes

Friday 9:00 am–2:00 pm

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