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Last Week of 2022

Hello TCS families!

The Middle Schoolers were invited to Lady's Island Airport to learn about flying airplanes. I felt especially grateful about this because my own son (who is only 8) was able to take the spot of one of the students who cancelled- he had an ABSOLUTE BLAST and I think a new passion was ignited!

Our Middle Schoolers also "dropped" their Mars Rovers that they constructed in science class! (Pics attached)

Thank you to all the students who showed up yesterday to help the teachers clean up for graduation! So excited for the graduating class of 2022! Tomorrow is the big day!!!

2021-2022 has been a wonderful school year. Our students have grown as students and as people! I am so grateful for the best year yet!

Please enjoy the pictures I've attached. Please join us at the graduation tomorrow at 10am- parking will be an issue, so be mindful of that.

Thanks again for the greatest job in the world! I love TCS and each of you. Have a WONDERFUL summer!

Last Week 2022
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