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We transform the future
by preparing students
for excellence and engagement
in their careers, colleges, and communities.


Schools typically measure success by evaluating student grades and standardized test scores. TCS provides semester grades for each class, keeps detailed transcripts, and uses the ACT as a testing benchmark. TCS utilizes additional success benchmarks, which tell a more comprehensive story.


These include: college acceptance rates, student perception of academic performance and/or curriculum challenge, student perception of school safety, student satisfaction, and parent surveys.


Diversity & Inclusion

When we make the effort to see and value the lived experiences of those in our school communities, greater connection and care are possible.

"Blaire's confidence and faith, and at times pushing her staff into the "deep end" knowing that the teacher (and the students they serve) will be better for it, has a huge impact on everyone involved in these interactions. The relationships and bonds made at TCS go beyond teacher-student.  As one TCS student once told me, 'I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for my teachers' "

- TCS Board Member


Academic Excellence


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Post-Grad Student Success Stories





"Through the years of my being part of TCS I have watched the growth of something truly special and at times nothing short of miraculous. "

- TCS Board Member


Creative Spaces & Artful Places

Through oscillating between in-the-moment processes and desired creative outcomes there-in-lies ownership and control of knowledge and learning processes.


We are grateful for the completion of a new music building and art building. As of summer 2021, students have ample room for learning to play instruments, working on collaborative and creative projects, and their pottery wheels. The buildings are beautiful and have become the students' favorite place on campus. We are looking forward to adding a third auxiliary building to increase space for collaboration.


Thanks to our Donors

Autonomy & Ownership

We teach through students' active participation and empowerment.

Student-Perceived Challenge

Our students learn they can rise to the challenge. 

The future of our world is as bright as our students
Enhanced Learning
Students Love Learning
Experiential Learning

We make course material accessible by teaching as experiential learning in one's community

Culture of Philanthropy

We help our students to explore values, responsibilities, and goals

Hire-ability skills; nonnegotiable

Respect Flow: Timeliness, preparedness

Respect Harmony: Eye contact, phones in pocket during instruction time

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Increased Parental Satisfaction
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