(Last names have been dropped to protect client's privacy)


"Blaire Lent is a huge part of my success story... Her approach to learning is unmatched.  She used a personalized approach for all of us by integrating humor and real life scenarios in our schoolwork.  The learning environment that she provided was a safe zone for all of us.... On top of being an incredible teacher and friend, she was a life-coach, confidante, support team, but most importantly, she was a mentor.  She taught me valuable life lessons in social skills, common sense, and humility.  I still reference her advice on social skills... It’s safe to say that we all gained an appreciation for learning and a heightened appreciation in ourselves after realizing what we were truly capable of...All we needed was Blaire and her fervent determination for us to success!" -James


"I walked in to Mrs. Lent’s classroom as a seventh grader that couldn’t spell, did not know how write a proper paragraph and took hours to read a chapter. With a little help, lots of hope and somebody that believed in me I left a more confident, smarter and independent worker. Today I myself am a teacher who tries to inspire my students as Mrs. Lent inspired me!" -Mary Beth


"Never before had someone sat me down to teach me how to learn. That's exactly what Blaire did. She taught me how to eliminate stress by tackling problems one step at a time...I’m now getting ready to graduate from the College of Charleston and I truly believe that the lessons I learned with Blaire have brought me more success than any of the others I learned in high school." -Katie


“She teaches not only the material for school, but how to stay organized and accomplish goals while optimally using study time. I am a firm believer in the help Mrs. Lent has to offer. She has helped me overcome many insecurities in the class room and in life. Over the course of my time with her I have built a great relationship with Mrs. Lent because the way she utilizes her time with each student and treats them as an individual with different quirks and abilities…I am now doing very well in college and I still use many of the strategies that Mrs. Lent taught me.” –Allison


“I was diagnosed with ADHD in the second grade. I had always thought of myself as one of the “dumber” kids, I was never in an honors classlike my peers were and consistently struggled with my classes.  During my freshman year of high school I started working with Ms. Lent. She taught me that I wasn’t “dumb,” but that I just learned differently. She challenged me to accept the fact that I learned differently. .. Long after working with Ms. Lent, I still use the study skills that she taught me every day.  Ms. Lent did more than teach me study skills; I also learned amazing life skills…. Ms. lent taught me that every person learns differently. That is what makes life so awesome. We are all different, we all have something to teach each other, and we all have something to learn. I would not be where I am today with out Blaire. She changed my life by giving me confidence. Not only confidence in learning differently, but also confidence in being different and showed me how to celebrate our differences ( and also to learn from them).” –Isabelle


“Up until Blaire Lent pulled me aside one day sophomore year of high school and told me I would be working with her, I didn’t think I would make it past high school graduation. I will remember that day the rest of my life because that is the day I met someone who finally understood that some people in this world march to a different drummer. Blaire Lent, a true hero, was able to not only help me understand and navigate the world of academic in a way that made sense to me, she helped me navigate life. Blaire Lent taught me how to learn and study in ways that made since to me. With that confidence in life, power to learn and study “my” way I was able to graduate from high-school and go on to graduate from the University of South Caroline with a BS…I could go on forever about how amazing Blaire Lent is and how much she has done for me in life! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about life lessons I was able to take away from my time with Blair. I truly can’t thank her enough, she is truly an amazing person, teacher and most of all a best friend!”- Glen



“A terrific teacher with tremendous character, drive and unlimited potential are the words that come to mind when describing Blaire Lent.   When I was searching for an alternative to traditional school for my high-achieving daughter, the chance to have her study with someone of Blaire’s terrific reputation and intelligence gave me huge peace of mind and confidence.  She is candid, forthright and motivated, and I truly appreciate her hard work and can-do attitude!” –Annie


“You have tutored and taught the children in subjects they were weak and helped them get ahead in other areas.  The children value you so much they fight over who gets your time!  What an amazing thing… to have a 13 and 11 year old, wanting to come learn and grown academically.  You have made it fun for them, and you teach material in a way that makes it easy to understand….As a parent you have been invaluable, words cannot express what a difference you have made to me!” –Kim


“Reaching students in the elementary years is a challenge, but to maintain and nurture a struggling student’s motivation for learning through the middle school years on into a student’s senior year of high school requires more than just a smart teacher.  It requires a savvy educator who is undaunted in the face of initial adversity when a struggling student comes reluctantly into her learning center….When a family makes the decision to find a tutor, that family has probably been dealing with difficulties at school, which can render caring parents overwhelmed and afraid.  Miss Blaire tirelessly seeks to reach a student because she cares enough to want to find the pathway to see a struggling student through to learning success….Ultimately, Blaire Lent helps nurture the mind and spirit of a student.  I will always be grateful for her patience, insight and inspiration - not only for my children’s benefit, but also for myself as a parent who was struggling to help my children thrive.  We found the answers, assistance and guidance we were seeking.” –Eugenia


“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Blaire Lent and The Complete Student. When my fourth grader started struggling with Math she came highly recommended. She worked diligently with him to build his confidence and catch him up on some of the basic skills he had missed along the way. Her honesty and years of experience also helped us make the decision to have him tested for Attention Deficit Disorder. As a parent, we were very hesitant to pursue this route but with her knowledge and guidance she helped us make the best decision for him. He is now a seventh grader and excelling in all areas, especially Pre-Algebra! We think so much of her that my middle child who is a sixth grader has also been working with her and it has made a huge difference in his over all confidence! Blaire has truly helped our family academically in so many ways.” –Kelly


“Blaire Lent has helped us with two of our children in varying capacities from remedial help to more advanced learning. Her personal attention to the student is unmatched. She knows her stuff and has provided excellent advice and help over the years. I feel 100% confident when we need to consult her as she truly has the student’s best interest at heart.” –John


“We have tried different strategies and styles and institutions, but I never felt like anyone understood my son.  When he and I would struggle at the dinner table with his homework the stress and tension was unbearable.  After Blaire began working with him, that tension is gone.  Our time at the dinner table is now spent together talking, not battling!  I have the utmost confidence in Blaire, in her assessments of my son, and in her ability to educate where others have not been able to do so.” –Pam


"It would be insufficient to say that Blaire has changed the course of our son's academic career...Blaire designed a variety of study programs to help him improve his skills and to compensate for his 'problem' areas...He went from a student teetering on a dismal high school experience to a young man who exudes confidence and has a thirst for knowledge. Blaire not only identified and rectified his learning strengths and weaknesses, but she also became his mentor...Indeed, she has been a wonderful influence on our entire family!" –Jim


“Blaire has a great personality and a unique ability to really connect with kids and make learning fun. She not only does an excellent job reinforcing concepts, but also teaches personal study skills and learning strategies...She has really helped us as parents to understand our child's special learning needs and how to help him." -Heather


"Thank you Ms. Lent, you have given me my sanity back and given my son the ability to find the confidence and encouragement to learn!" –Judi


"Blaire Lent is that rare educator who brings not only 100% passion and dedication and love for her students every day, but also a 100% commitment to being positive...She is an excellent teacher and mentor to her students.” –Tim


"Our son was a reluctant student in the traditional learning environment due to his learning difference... Blaire has taught him how to be more confident and relaxed at school...He has learned how to advocate for himself with teachers and to better organize his work... She can do all of this while making the experience enjoyable. I do not know how she can accomplish all of this, but I know that it has made all the difference for my son." – Paula


"At home we were always in conflict over his homework. Blaire taught him the strategies he needed to become an independent learner and a successful student... She took the frustration out of the learning process by showing him methods to study using his strengths and by helping him to 'think outside the box!'" –Kathy


"Blaire has proven to be dedicated and committed to our daughter’s well being and has often gone beyond the role of mere teacher to one of a true mentor looking at our daughter’s entire being and doing what she can to instill health, happiness, and knowledge in my daughter."   -John