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Week 31 2022

Hello TCS Families,

I want to share a personal story with you....Today I went to my dad's pre-op at MUSC. When we left we went to a fancy and delicious dinner at FIG (thanks mom and dad!)...When I left I got in my car and saw a zillion messages on my phone. This is not a surprise. If I leave my phone unattended for more than an hour there are always TONS of messages- 99% are work related.

Not this time.

I had messages from people I hadn't talked to in years. I had messages from people I had never actually met but who are praying for my dad. It is beautiful to think that this whole town has wrapped our family in love. We feel it, and we are grateful. As my dad brilliantly said when I hugged him goodbye tonight:

"I am so lucky. So very, very lucky."

The life Beaufort has brought me has left my cup overflowing.

Dad's surgery starts tomorrow at 5:30am. Keep him in your thoughts.

I will still be meeting with the SAT kids 9:30-1230 and the parent meetings after that.

I've attached a pic of me and my folks that we took tonight- could I look more like him?

I've also attached pics of the wonderful students of TCS who were all so well behaved while I was gone today that I may be forced to hug them all on Monday :)

Don't Forget:

1) Town Hall meeting on Monday at 6pm

2) From is Friday the 13th- buy your tickets Monday if you haven't already

3) Spring Show is May 26th at 6pm

4) The Sports Banquet is June 1st at Moss and Hatchet at 6pm

5) Graduation is Saturday the 4th at 10am


Week 31 2022
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