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Week 27 of the 2023-2024 School Year

Hi TCS Families!

We had such a busy week! Lots of information to review here- please see the attachments and notes.

 Monday and Tuesday are our re-accreditation dates. Members of the accreditation team will be on campus on Monday and Tuesday observing students, teachers, and they would like to talk to YOU! Please mark your calendars and plan on coming to school on Monday at 5:30 to speak with the accreditation team. We will do just fine on accreditation- our school rocks! For those of you who do not know this about me, I'm a bit competitive. "Just fine" isn't going to work for me. I want these people to leave on Tuesday in AWE of the AMAZING school they just reviewed. I want jaw dropping! I would love nothing more than to have a majority of our parents show up to this meeting and blow them away with feedback.

If your student came home and told you that they played with matches at school- they were telling the truth! The Earth science class spent some time this week outside working on an experiment. Ask them to tell you about it :) 

As the sun shone on us this week, I was struck by and grateful for how much time our students spend outside. Many students are outside playing during recess, lunch, and PE! I observed the students PLAYING games in the sun, their phones were nowhere to be seen! At one point during recess there were students playing volleyball, soccer, football, baseball, and chess ALL at the same time! It was beautiful. There are ZERO scientific studies that indicate American students get too much sunshine, too much physical activity, and too much practice with social interaction. In a world dominated by screens and "seat time," I am very proud of just how different our school is from other schools. 

Congratulations to the Swamp Rabbits!!! We won TWO soccer games this week! Yeah!!!!! (Team pictures in the attachment) 

Congratulations to the Swamp Rabbits Math Club.  They competed in a Math Meet in Sumter against other SCISA schools. Our math club members who went to the competition are Preston Schreffler, Evan Bergh, Nick Rauch, Aidan Wilson, and David Bustamante! We came home with a 4th place prize and ferver to gear up for next year's competition! (Team picture in the attachment) 

Congratulations to the Women's Studies class for their successful fundraiser for Hopeful Horizons. They raised $300 and stacks of supplies!

TCS Summer Camps (Let me know if you are interested)

1) Ms Hannah and Ms Jasmine will run a Figure Drawing Art Intensive camp this summer again. The hours will be 9:30-12:30 and the dates are the weeks of July 15 and 22. (Price is TBD, this is just so you can save space on your calendar) 

2) NEW summer camp at TCS: Mr. Henry is running a Fantasy Adventure and Fight Club (Official name to come) Save the dates: the weeks of June 17 and 24 (Price TBD)


1) If you are parents of a Junior, please make sure you have scheduled a Friday meeting with Blaire to discuss graduation and beyond!  

2) Don't forget to fill in your intent to return form: Available spaces will be offered to the families on the waiting list after April 1st. (finalized enrollment packets will go home at the end of April)

3) There is NO Friday class scheduled this week. I am attaching the Friday schedule to this email. 

4) The Fall 2024 Field trip is to Boston (and Salem- in October!!!) Please sign up NOW if you want this trip to happen. Time is running out! (Flyer is attached to the portal to register online. There is also an itinerary attached) 

Please Note: 

1) Rising Seniors: there is a form attached to this email about a Summer Experience at West Point. Check it out!

2) TCS is now on the Heritage Foundation website. If you make a contribution to TCS through the Heritage foundation that donation will grow by 20%! TCS is now featured in the drop down menu on their website for donations in their "Birdies for charity"  and their "Champions Fore Charity programs." I have attached flyers for both PLEASE SHARE THEM with friends, family, or even on social media! 

3) There will be NO ZOOM option on Monday and Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday are our re-accreditation days and the team from SCISA and Cognia will be on campus observing classes. 

4) I am attaching a TENTATIVE Calendar for the 2024-2025 school year. This may still change, but it will give families a rough idea of what to expect next year. I know that Beaufort County just switched to what they are calling "year round" but we are not following the same start date that they are following.  

Friday 2023-2024 Class Schedule.docx
Download PDF • 63KB

2024 West Point Camp
Download PDF • 1.07MB

TCS 2024-2025 Calendar
Download PDF • 73KB

TCS Boston Trip 2024 (3)
Download PDF • 6.75MB

Port Royal - Boston Sample Itinerary Motor coach (3)
Download PDF • 70KB

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