The Complete Student offers 2 options for students from 5th grade till graduation.  Programs are tailored to meet a variety of goals. Some students are Ivy League bound, while other students are exploring options outside of traditional 4-year universities as their goals after graduation. Year after year, seniors are consistently being accepted to their top choice universities! Regardless of their plans after graduation, students graduate from the Complete Student with a better sense of time management, more self discipline, better developed sense of empathy, and more motivation!

Option 1: Career Development Path
8:40-2:55 Monday-Thursday
All students have the potential to fulfill the requirements for graduation from high school when they are appropriately supported and engaged in a malleable curriculum that can be differentiated for a variety of learning styles. The Complete Student uses a project based curriculum based on the SC standards set forth by the Department of Education to satisfy ALL of the high school graduation requirements.  Furthermore, students are allowed to choose projects based on their own interests and strengths to demonstrate their comprehension of the material, while demystifying the education experience for learners who are most at risk from not being effectively served in the traditional classroom. The unique nature of the curriculum increases student understanding, motivation, employability, and accountability. 

Cost: $6,300 for the year. Payment plans are available.

Option 2: TCS College Preparatory Academy
8:40-2:55 Monday-Thursday + Select Fridays 8:40-2:55
This option is available for students in 9th-12th grades and is designed to supplement the TCS curriculum with rigorous SAT and ACT preparation. This path also allows students to enroll in classes that will help ensure that their transcripts are competitive against graduates from other schools. The College Prep Academy is not appropriate for all students. This program is best suited for students that are driven to apply to four year universities and have made a commitment to their future that includes colleges/universities.

Cost: $7,650 for the year. Payment Plans available